Want to Build Robot Boats? L3Harris is Looking for a Software Engineer to Work on the Next Generation of Robot Boat Technology

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L3Harris’ Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) business designs, builds and operates some of the largest robot boats the industry has to offer. The company has deployed more than 115 boats in field operations all over the world. All these boats have one thing in common, the ASView control system.

ASView is used for the autonomous and remote control of the company’s robot boat fleet as well as the conversion of manned boats.

L3Harris is looking for an experienced Computer Vision Software Engineer to develop the next generation of ASView’s vision system. Based at the company’s Lafayette, LA site, the role will be critical to the performance and safety to the company’s autonomy.

Details are available on our careers page but in the meantime, let’s have a look at what Lead Autonomous Software Engineer, Jeremy Meador has to say. Jeremy has been part of the ASView team since 2012 having graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Computer Software Engineering.

What does your role at L3Harris ASV involve?

As a software lead, I make software architecture decisions and delegate tasks to other software developers. My projects typically involve user interfaces, video streaming, camera control, and other key aspects of making a boat autonomous.

How has the technology evolved over time?

The demand for autonomous and robot boat technology has grown significantly and as we’re meeting more interesting demands; the products have become more sophisticated and complex. We have bigger, more powerful boats than ever before; we’re creating some of the biggest robot boats in the world which is very exciting.

What is your favorite thing about working for ASV?

Our team is full of smart and friendly software developers. We come across interesting challenges every day and there is always someone around to share ideas with.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates?

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something. Being able to establish an understanding of something you don’t already know is more important than knowing a lot of things. It’s important to take ownership of your weakness and focus on growing in those areas while also letting your strengths flourish.

What is your greatest achievement at ASV?

Every project has been a team effort, but I lead the development of the video streaming system in ASView. Our software can now support several configurable live video feeds, providing a full view of the vehicle’s surroundings in many cases. This is a huge achievement for me and a great contribution to the system as it allows safer, more efficient operations.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Board games, video games, card games, any kind of game… I’m very competitive.

Can you see yourself working with someone like Jeremy? Apply now! Full details about the role are available on our careers page.

Psst… in case you’re wondering… here’s what some of our robot boats look like:

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