Redefining The Way The World Works At Sea – Autonomous Port Survey

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90% of the world’s trade passes through ports. Siltation and the desire to expand mean that ports are forever changing. A dynamic environment requires continuous rigorous maintenance and a large part of this involves monitoring the seabed and surrounding infrastructure.

Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) offer a safe, cost-effective solution to survey work. They are easy to mobilise, manoeuvrable, operationally flexible, and place less of a strain on personnel resource.

On 21 August 2019, L3Harris Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) will be demonstrating its ASV technology at a workshop in the Port of Hamburg in collaboration with HafenCity University, MacArtney Germany and Hamburg Port Authority.

In preparation for the event, L3Harris’ C-Worker 5 and C-Cat 3 ASVs have been running trials in the Solent to test the autonomous navigation system. C-Worker 5 was fitted with a short range radar as part of collision avoidance testing.

C-Worker 5 will be integrated with a SeaBat T50-P multibeam to map the seabed and a Polaris TLS LiDAR to scan the harbour walls and surrounding features. C-Cat 3 is supporting the operation by measuring the topography of the seafloor.

All data will be fed back live to the audience. Throughout the demonstrations, the ASVs will be operated in unmanned but monitored mode using the ASView® control system.

This operation builds upon L3Harris’ vast experience operating ASVs in busy port environments. In 2017, in collaboration with the Port of London Authority, C-Cat 3 took to the River Thames to gather multibeam and LiDAR data. This was the third public operation of this multibeam system with the C-Cat 3 and the first with the LiDAR integrated.

ASVs offer a proven survey capability in inshore environments such as harbours, rivers, lakes, ports and reservoirs. The autonomous capability unlocks a multitude of benefits to busy ports and harbours in their quest to operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

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