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C-Target 1

Product Overview
C-Targets are a range of lightweight, easily deployed, highly maneuverable marine targets used for naval gunnery training, weapons testing and ship command and control assessments.

The vehicles are highly survivable built with aluminum hulls facilitating easy repairs. Operated using the ASView-T Control System, C-Targets can operate individually or as part of a swarm.

C-Targets are available as part of a managed service package whereby we store and maintain the vehicles in readiness for instant deployment. Our Operations Teams can be made available to lead and support trials as required.

The smallest in the range, the C-Target 1 is designed for ease of storage and transportation as well as simple launch, recovery and handling.
Principal Particulars
20 knots
Up to 1 hour dependent on serial profiles
50v electric motor and waterjet (7.5kW)
Charging time:
3 hours
ASView-T direct remote control
Control range:

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