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ASView-T Control System

Product Overview
The ASView-T control system is designed specifically for use with the C-Target range of ASVs and customer supplied vessels being converted for target operations. The system allows up to four target vessels to be commanded over a single radio network allowing multiple target maneuvers to be undertaken.

ASView-T was developed in 2008 and has seen continuous use since on naval and air force gunnery, rocket and missile firing operations. It is highly reliable ensuring valuable firing range time is maximized and limited trials time can be optimally used.


When conducting any unmanned operations, safety is of paramount importance. The ability to safely halt the ASV or recover it are critical. ASView-T includes the following safety features:

  • Emergency stop button on the ASView-T-Console
  • Safe mode (engine off, neutral gear, throttle zero, actuators off) on lost communications
  • Software independent emergency stop system
  • On board kill switch lanyard




ASView-T-Core is a standardised target control enclosure containing all the hardware and software required to control ASV’s range of target C-Targets or a customer supplied vessel. The box can control single or twin outboard engine configurations and can easily be adapted to interface with further propulsion arrangements.


ASView-T-Base is a ruggedized enclosure that houses a point to multi point radio communications system supporting up to four target vessels. An ASView-T-Console unit is connected to the ASView-T-Base for each target being controlled.


The ASView-T-Console is used by the target operator to manually tele-operate the target or plan and execute waypoint based mission plans. The operator is provided touchscreen user interface, a video feedback screen and joysticks and buttons required for manual tele-operation.

ASView-T communications system

ASView-T as standard is delivered with a UHF point to multipoint radio system and can be optionally supplied with an L-Band video feedback system.

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