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ASView Control System

Product Overview
The highly configurable ASView control system has been developed and optimised specifically for use on autonomous surface vehicles. In continuous development since 2008, ASView has been deployed on over 80 unmanned vehicles. It provides us with an industry leading capability to control autonomous surface vehicles safely and reliably.

The system comprises of the ASView-Bridge graphical user interface, ASView-Helm remote controller, ASView-Base radio enclosure and the ASView-Core vehicle system. As greater levels of autonomy are being explored we’re dedicated to the development of the system to ensure it is always the leading commercially available autonomous surface vehicle control system.

We are undertaking industry leading research and development to increase the use of safe and reliable vehicle autonomy.

Control Features:

ASView standard control features:

  • Direct remote control via ASView-Helm
  • Assisted remote control; heading, course over ground and speed hold
  • Mission plan via ASView-Bridge UI consisting of lines, orbits and/or station keeping waypoints.

ASView can be controlled externally through interfaces with third party or open source robotic operating systems such as MOOS, ROS, SeeByte Neptune or other bespoke systems.


ASView supports a variety of navigation sensors including GPS receivers, gyro stabilised and satellite compasses, inertial navigation systems, marine radar systems, AIS, electro optical and infrared cameras and depth sounders.

The ASView-Bridge user interface has clear navigational data displays, full S57 electronic navigation charts with AIS and radar overlay, dedicated radar display and fixed and stabilised pan, tilt and zoom camera displays.

Vessel Integration:

ASView is able to control and monitor a variety of power generation and propulsion engines, motors and devices. The vehicles electrical system, data buses and safety systems are all controlled and monitored. Recorded data can be exported for post operation analysis. ASView can be easily integrated with existing craft using a number of standard marine interfaces such as NMEA 0183 and 2000, CAN bus engine controls and simple electrical interfaces.

Payload Integration:

ASView can interface with a variety of above and below the water payloads for deployment, operation and data extraction.


When conducting any unmanned operations, safety is of paramount importance. The ability to safely halt the ASV or recover it are critical. ASView includes the following safety features:

  • Emergency stop buttons via ASView-Bridge and ASView-Helm
  • Geo-fence tool providing operating areas and exclusion zones
  • Programmable behaviour on lost communications
  • Software independent emergency stop system
  • Propulsion emergency stop methods


ASView is compatible with large range of commercially available line of sight and satellite communications systems. Line of sight communications can include UHF radio, mesh network radio or Wi-Fi. Satellite communications can be conducted via Iridium, Inmarsat or V-Sat systems.


We are undertaking industry leading research and development to increase the use of safe and reliable vehicle autonomy. Specific focus is in the areas of collision avoidance and operating over the horizon safely. We are working on this both internally and collaboratively with a wide range of defence and commercial technical subject matter experts.




The ASView-Core comprises of the common elements of all ASV vehicle control systems including a standardised hardware, software and interfaces.


The ASView-Base is a rugged weatherproof enclosure containing radio communications equipment and a server that manages data to and from one or more instances of the ASView-Bridge user interface between which is arbitrates who has command.


ASView-Bridge is a standardised user interface that provides all control and feedback functionality to the vehicle operator. It provides the operator with electronic nautical charts, mission planning tools, live display of data, video and radar from the vehicle.


ASView-Helm is a rugged, mobile wireless remote control unit providing manual teleoperation of the vehicle for launch and recovery or docking operations. It features joysticks and buttons as well as a daylight viewable screen that displays video from selectable cameras on board the vehicle.

Radio links

ASV is able to offer a range of radio communications systems to suit a customer’s range, licencing and budgetary requirements.

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