Marine Science

Low impact vehicles for marine observations and data collection.

With our Marine Science focused vehicles we can effectively gather data from the oceans. The C-Enduro class of vehicle has solar panels and wind turbines for power plants. For those missions requiring a bit more guaranteed power than sun or wind can provide, we can supply a diesel generator or fuel cell too. C-Enduro is currently available for purchase.

Water quality monitoring / Water sample acquisition / Wave monitoring / Passive Acoustic monitoring (PAM) / Acoustic transponder tracking (fish) / Current profiling / Active acoustic fisheries monitoring / Cetacean tracking / Meteorological monitoring


C-Enduro is a long endurance autonomous surface vehicle used to safely and cost effectively collect data at sea.
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C-Cat 3

C-Cat 3 has been developed to complement the existing ocean going ASV Global vessels for survey and support tasks where a smaller vessel is better suited to missions. The design incorporates a large payload bay to enable flexibility of payloads used.
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C-Cat 2

C-Cat 2 is a lightweight, easily deployed, highly manoeuvrable, multi-purpose ASV, developed for use in water quality sampling, environmental assessments and in-shore survey. It is designed to survive the rigours of regular use in harsh environments.
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C-Worker 4

The smaller of the C-Worker class of vehicles, the C-Worker 4 is a diesel powered ASV designed to complete a variety of offshore and inshore survey tasks.
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C-Worker 6

C-Worker 6 is a multi-role work class ASV suitable for a variety of offshore and coastal tasks. The vehicle can be used to complete tasks such as subsea positioning, surveying and environmental monitoring without the need of a ship on station or sea-bed anchoring.
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