Job Spotlight – Carolina Dopico-Gonzalez, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate in Risk and Reliability Management

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Carolina is part of the Engineering Team – one of the largest and continually growing teams in the company. She joined us in 2015 through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Southampton.

The objective of the KTP has been to embed innovative risk and reliability management capability into our company by sharing knowledge with the University. This has complemented our ongoing commitment to improving the reliability of autonomous systems as well as helping to define reliability standards in the industry.

Risk management and system reliability are absolutely key to the successful operation of autonomous surface vehicles, as it underpins both the safety and probability of mission success. One of our core business objectives is to achieve market leading reliability in our product and service offering to the defence, science and offshore energy industries.

What does your role involve?

I implement a risk and reliability management process to ensure good industry practice for ASV Global with regards to standards compliance and clients’ satisfaction. This involves implementing data collection protocols and processes during design, manufacture, testing and commissioning, and operations. This project is funded by Innovate UK in a joint collaboration with the University of Southampton.

Data is analysed with tailor made statistical methods, such as Fault Tree Analysis, survival plots, or sensitivity analysis. Faults are recorded efficiently to feedback into the reliability data and analyses.

Can you tell us about your background, how you got into the job you have now?

I completed my Industrial Engineering degree in Spain at Universidad de Malaga, then a PhD in Bioengineering in the UK with University of Southampton. Following this I spent over 4 years in research in the bioengineering field, and felt like I needed a change in my career which brought me to ASV Global.

It seemed logical to gain some experience in the private sector and widen the applicability of the analytical tools I use. Moreover, I have an affinity towards the marine environment which runs in my family.

How does being part of a University renowned for research benefit the work you’re doing at ASV Global?

Being part of a University with a strong research background adds an extra layer credibility to the work we’re doing at ASV Global. This KTP which links science and industrial robotics shows how serious commercial companies like ASV Global are about understanding and continually improving the reliability of their systems. The more data and backup analyses we have about these systems, the more trust we will build among stakeholders. This synergy brings the critical intellectual approach of science methods to business and ensures a high level of confidence in our products.

What is your greatest achievement at ASV Global?

My greatest achievement has been bringing about a change in culture in how the company reports system events and faults. This process was previously managed by manual reporting in logbooks.  Now, we use a intranet based report platform and an interactive data collection form during operations. These platforms facilitate more regular reporting and the sharing of information. The more detailed the level of reporting, the more efficient the repairs and mitigations can be.

Before putting the new methods in place, I analysed some of the historical manually recorded data and created some reliability plots – these gave us a good base understanding of the systems from which we have been able to develop.

I am also currently working on a Fault Tree Analysis which will help to strengthen our current ASV models for the future.

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