Year of Autonomy – Societal Acceptance

Year of Autonomy – Societal Acceptance

The finale to the series of Year of Autonomy events will draw on the factors that affect the acceptance of autonomous systems within society, both now, and in the future. The programme will feature a host of speakers from across industry, academia and government, each sharing their insights and observations on this topical subject.

Registration is now open, tickets are £30.00 which includes lunch and refreshments an can be found here.

For further information about the Year of Autonomy series of events, visit the website here.

Full list of speakers announced:

Title: “Gaining Trust: How Regulation and Data Can Build Societal Acceptance of Drones”
Geoff Pugh is Consortiq’s UK General Manager. An experienced Air Traffic Management professional, he served for over 16 years in the Royal Navy including 2 years seconded to the UK CAA as an Airspace Regulator with responsibility for UAS, segregated airspace and airspace utilisation. He joined Consortiq in Jan 2018 and leads the UK team in helping organisations to deploy drones safely through training, consultancy and award-winning software.



Title: “Human-Autonomy Teaming: How Humans Interact with Autonomous Systems”
Dale Richards is a lecturer in Human Factors at Coventry University. His research focuses on human-autonomous systems, leading research on human-agent teaming for unmanned systems, single operator control of swarming UAVs, training requirements for UxV for the UK Royal Navy, and the application of small UAVs in urban environments. He also has several research projects surrounding autonomous cars.



Title: “Societal Familiarisation with Marine Robotics”
Dan Hook is a qualified Naval Architect and Chartered Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the unmanned marine industry. Dan currently holds the position of Senior Director – Business Development at ASV Global. As well as his role at ASV Global, Dan is also currently the Chairman of the Maritime Autonomous Systems (MAS) Council run by the Society of Maritime Industries, and is a member of the Solent Marine and Maritime Steering Group.




Title: “The deep learning conundrum: complexity, autonomy and accountability” 
Will McNeill is a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Southampton. His research focuses on natural and artificial perceptual recognition and the relationship between perceptual experience, recognition and perceptual knowledge. He currently leads a project on the epistemology and ethics of machine learning, with a particular focus on artificial neural networks.



Title: “How and Drones and data are positively disrupting industries”
Nick Beattie has been the operations Manager with Sky-Futures for 4 years, during which time he has managed projects using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) in over 27 countries and across a variety of industries including Oil & gas; renewables; transport and infrastructure. During this time Nick has been directly involved in ensuring that the use of unmanned aircraft systems is a trusted and accepted tool to support industries’ inspection requirements.

The 2017 / 18 Year of Autonomy aims to  bring together innovators and users of autonomous and robotic systems from across marine, land and air  to address key challenges and share learning. With the aim of developing cross sector collaboration


Event: Year of Autonomy – Societal Acceptance
Dates: 01/03/2018
Location: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

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