Oceans ’17 Anchorage

Oceans ’17 Anchorage

Alaska’s history is deeply connected with the sea. From the Alaska Native peoples who knew Alaskan waters best and relied on them for food and transportation, to explorers like Captain James Cook seeking the Northwest Passage in the age of sail, to modern maritime activity and new shipping lanes emerging in a changing Arctic. And the 2017 MTS/IEEE OES OCEANS conference is a piece of the next chapter of Alaska and its waters. Anchorage, Alaska hosts OCEANS North America for the first time in 2017, September 18-21.

We will be presenting two talks at Oceans ’17:

‘Autonomous Surface / Sub-surface Survey System’ and ‘The Force Multiplier Effect: Using Autonomous Surface Vehicles for Hydrographic Survey’.

Date/time: 13:50 in Kahtnu 1.

Event: Oceans ’17 Anchorage
Dates: 18/09/2017 - 21/09/2017
Location: Dena’ina Convention Center - Anchorage, Alaska

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