International Business Festival 2018

International Business Festival 2018

Global Logistics and Shipping Day

Business, at its very core, is all about supply and demand, and demands have changed.

In a digital age consumers and retailers want a wider variety of goods, faster, with greater ease and of a higher quality than ever before. The global logistics and shipping industry is working hard to meet or even exceed these demands.

Planes, trains, cars and ships are swiftly starting to shift gear and turn autonomous. Pizza is arriving in people’s homes via drone, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting commerce and sharing resources to consolidate and exchange data in a far superior way.

Logistics and shipping no longer simply involve getting things from A-B. They are central to business and play ever-increasing roles in satisfying consumer expectations, by land, sea or air. This day will make you see this dynamic sector in a totally new light.

We’ll explore how to find stability and opportunity in a changing world and showcase international market opportunities. You’ll meet with future partners, buyers and investors and develop profitable, meaningful relationships.


Event: International Business Festival 2018
Dates: 21/06/2018
Location: Exhibition Centre Liverpool, Kings Dock, Liverpool L3 4FP

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