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AUVSI Xponential


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Title: The Force Multiplier Effect: Using Autonomous Surface Vehicles for Hydrographic Survey

When/where: May 08, 2017: 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM / Room C 142

Speaker: Brian Anderson, Technical Sales Manager

Synopsis: Using Autonomous Surface Vehicles for hydrographic survey offers significant cost saving potential whilst increasing operational flexibility and reducing risk. Over the past 4 years ASV Global has been building solid case history for the use of autonomous platforms having completed multiple deployments both in the USA and UK. The experience and knowledge gained enabled ASV Global to develop the ideal platform for hydrographic survey, the C-Worker 5. The C-Worker 5 operates as a force multiplier to traditional survey vessels. Using the C-Worker 5 as a force multiplier enables survey organisations to complete surveys in a reduced time, compared to using traditional methods. In addition, the C-Worker 5 can be used in areas where manned boats cannot due to issues such as health and safety concerns. Throughout the development process of the C-Worker 5, design considerations were made with the overall application in mind. If the vehicle was to operate miles offshore for extended periods of time, reliability would be a key success criteria. Using a simple and proven, off the shelf direct drive marine diesel propulsion system was one key decision to avoid over complicating the system. The C-Worker 5 is operated using ASV’s proven ASView control system. This system integrates quickly and easily with a wide variety of acquisition systems, enabling line plans to be uploaded to the system for accurate data collection with no additional planning overhead. The C-Worker 5 is designed for up to 5 days endurance at survey speeds of up to 7 knots, minimising launch and recovery options to maintain survey efficiency. Most notably, the C-Worker 5 was used by TerraSond as part of a 5,172 nautical mile hydrographic survey in the Bering Sea, off Alaska. The C-Worker 5 completed 2,275 nautical miles of survey lines, running parallel survey lines to the Q105. The use of the C-Worker 5 reduced the time required on site by 22 days. The process of developing the C-Worker 5 highlighted the importance of developing systems with their application in mind. Considering the requirements of the system at the design phase meant that the C-Worker 5 satisfies market needs by providing a cost saving solution to traditional hydrographic survey. The achievements made by the C-Worker 5 are an industry first. For more details on TerraSond’s use of the C-Worker 5, click here.

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Event: AUVSI Xponential
Dates: 08/05/2017 - 11/05/2017
Location: Dallas, Texas - Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Centre

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