ANTX 2017

ANTX 2017

ANTX 2017The Annual Navy Technology Exercise (ANTX) 2017 is a collaborative event where technologists (industry, academia, and Naval R&D Establishment), stakeholders, and warfighters exercise innovations and prototypes at the R&D level before integrating at the operational level.

ASV Global has developed and demonstrated a high-level USV autonomy architecture with collision avoidance decision making behaviors to enable safe over the horizon and unescorted operations. Demonstrations of the system fuse the vehicle’s 360° infrared and visual cameras, AIS, and radar to provide tactical situational awareness. Our ASView™ control system with and COLREGS compliant software demonstrating advanced collision avoidance behaviors will be on display along with our over-the-horizon (OTH) capable C-Worker 12 40’USV with dual 1mbs VSAT systems.

Innovative solutions provide communications, command & control between undersea, surface, and air assets while unmanned systems execute missions supporting Battlespace Preparation in a Contested Environment intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), mine countermeasures (MCM), and payload delivery. Command & control centers fuse and display collected data while live demonstrations of tactics, techniques, and procedures show technologies in action and how they will be used by the fleet.

Event: ANTX 2017
Dates: 15/08/2017 - 16/08/2017
Location: In-water exercises will take place at NUWC Newport and NSWC Panama City with remote connectivity from fleet operators at Submarine Development Group Five in Keyport, Wash.

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