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ASV Global is seeking an experienced computer vision engineer to develop our next generation vision system. Cameras come standard on most of our vessels, and we’re interested in squeezing as much information out of them as possible despite the rough conditions often encountered at sea. You will join the team responsible for designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining the next iteration of our computer vision pipeline. You will use your understanding of computer vision and deep learning to implement segmentation, tracking, and classification from multiple video streams in real time.

You will research and implement algorithms to perform video stabilization and compression to deliver the optimal viewing experience for our human operators even in bandwidth-constrained environments. You will work together with our sensor-processing experts to fuse the data extracted from our cameras with the data from our other sensors to create an accurate model of the state of the world at all times. Your role will be extremely important since the work you do is both critical to the safety and efficiency of our vessel’s autonomy as well as being one of the primary ways our operators monitor

 Job title:  

Computer Vision Software Engineer

About ASV Global:

We are a fast paced, rapidly expanding, world leading company, specialising in the design, build and operation of unmanned maritime vehicles and control systems. We operate in the Military, energy and research sectors and build innovative, technologically advanced products to solve difficult problems.

Our success is due to the people we employ – if you’re smart, adaptable, highly productive, a team player and relish the challenge that comes with solving difficult problems then ASV Global is for you.


Our software developers are a tightly knit group of extremely talented individuals. There’s a pervasive desire to do things the right way, even when that takes longer than the easy way. If a developer is stuck or can’t decide on the best way to do something, it’s common for them to walk down the hall and get someone else’s opinion. We practice a meritocracy here: the best idea is the one we use, whether it comes from the project lead or an intern. This means that every individual can have a significant impact on our product and ultimately the success of the company.

We are also firm believers in self-improvement and constant growth: that’s why we have monthly “lunch-and-learn” gatherings where one developer on our team presents some topic that may be unfamiliar to the rest of us. Examples include an overview of machine learning, computer vision, or the latest C++ standards. We believe that maintaining a solid work/life balance is crucial to the well-being of our employees. Furthermore, we understand the need for a flexible work schedule to deal with unexpected situations. Of course, we also provide all the standard perks–paid sick leave, vacation time, health benefits, and 401k matching.

Location: USA

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining high-performance C++ code in a Linux environment
  • Using state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning techniques to perform real-time segmentation, tracking, and classification
  • Real time video stabilization/motion correction
  • Video compression in low bandwidth environments
  • Fusing data from multiple camera feeds into a consistent world model
  • Camera setup, integration, and calibration

Furthermore, our software stack includes software development in modern C++ on Red Hat-family Linux. We use Confluence and JIRA for project management, Mercurial for version control, Jenkins for continuous integration, and ReviewBoard for code review. Experience with any of these tools is a plus.


This position requires use of information which is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Applicants must be a U.S. Person as per 22 CFR 120.15 in order to satisfy export
compliance requirements.

In addition, applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Experience writing real-time computer vision algorithms
  • A passion for solving challenging problems in the field of robotics
  • Computer science theory and practice, either through a suitable degree or sufficient experience
  • Familiarity with working in a Linux environment
  • Willingness to travel offshore or internationally to provide support, testing, and integration with hardware

Responsible to Technical Director of Software

Salary: Dependent on Experience

To apply:

Please e-mail your CV with a cover letter to

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