C-Worker 4 Discovering New Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes of US and Canada

Friday May 10th, 2019 TAGS: , , ,

The Ocean Exploration Trust’s (OET) exploration vessel E/V Nautilus is continuing its 2019 expedition season with a collaborative mission to explore the Great Lakes, on the border of USA and Canada, from 6 – 19 May 2019.

The expedition – sponsored by NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries – includes mapping unexplored areas of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary (TBNMS), supporting ongoing exploration and management of shipwrecks in Lake Huron.

TBNMS protects and manages a collection of shipwreck sites, the area of which expanded (in terms of square miles) in 2014 by 859% according to OET. This new boundary potentially contains as many as 100 additional, unexplored shipwrecks.

University of New Hampshire’s Center for Costal and Ocean Mapping (UNH CCOM) is providing ASV BEN (Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator) for the expedition. The vessel is fitted with a multibeam sonar system which is used to map target areas and scan the lake floor. ASV BEN is of the C-Worker 4 product range and was delivered to UNH by L3 Technologies (formally ASV Global) in 2016.

ASV BEN is being supported by research vessel R/V Storm, which will also conduct mapping and surveying in adjacent areas. R/V Storm is being operated by NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab.


Image from OET/Nautilus Live

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