Huge Growth for L3 ASV

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2018 has seen huge growth for L3 ASV. Since the start of 2018, 35 people have joined the company, bringing our current UK team to a total of 119 employees.

“The growth of our company provides a unique opportunity for engineers to work in a fast-paced, high-tech environment,” says Rachel Parker, Recruitment Manager at L3 ASV.

Part of our success as a company comes from the great work we do with talented graduates, interns, and young people looking for work experience. This year, we received an EDT certificate for hosting a Year in Industry (YINI) placement with student Ignatius Crean. L3 ASV is also partnered with UTC Portsmouth, a technical college, which creates even more opportunities in our company for young people.

At L3 ASV we strongly believe in getting people involved in STEM, especially from a young age. We promote STEM outreach programmes which target underrepresented groups in STEM fields, such as women.

Diversity is key in our company – hiring a diverse range of people significantly benefits the company and its work/products. Our people are a huge factor in our success. L3 ASV employees enjoy coming to work each day and all are encouraged to be creative and express ideas to maximize the quality of our products.

“I joined ASV earlier this year in the Research & Development (R&D) team and I’ve had the opportunity to do some exciting work in machine vision. We are teaching ASV systems – using deep-learning technologies – to identify different types of boats, such as sail-boats, fishing boats, and more. We already use AIS, radar, etc, to monitor water traffic and now we can add cameras as another layer to monitor our surroundings. This will improve our situational awareness capabilities and help ASV systems to make smarter decisions for navigation and collision avoidance.” – Priyanka Singh, Unmanned Systems Developer, Software.

Another 2018 starter for the software team is Panos:

“I have had the privilege to work with ASV for seven months now and have been involved in high-edge technology projects in the field of Autonomous Systems. I currently develop a system for perception of the surrounding environment around our vehicles. The goal is to create a situational awareness of the world in the field of operation and aid on autonomous decision making. I am excited about the fact that I found on ASV a way to apply state-of-the-art engineering practises and solutions to the real world and see them working live on our boats.” – Panos Papadeas, Unmanned Systems Developer, Software.

Harry Fenn joined L3 ASV in February 2018 as a Buyer. Since being at ASV, he has been working with the Purchasing team on building on new and existing supplier relationships, placing orders in line with internal & external customer requirements, and optimizing material costs, quality and delivery.

“I have worked on projects from small survey vessels, such as the C-Cat 3, to Maritime Mine Countermeasure vessels. As I do not come from a maritime background I have learnt an awful lot about boats and the technical capabilities of our products. ASV is an exciting place to work, and the whole team is great. Everyone has the same drive and determination to deliver. The products we manufacture are also pretty cool!” – Harry Fenn, Buyer, Materials.

It has been a fantastic year for L3 ASV, which is enhanced by the many bright new starters hired throughout the year. The company continues to grow and expand immensely, with lots of exciting opportunities ahead.


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