ASV C-Worker Completes Subsea Positioning Operation in Gulf of Mexico

Friday November 20th, 2015 TAGS: , , , , ,

ASV is pleased to announce the successful completion of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) supported subsea positioning operation involving LBL acoustic positioning array box-in and array baseline data collection in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Fitted with a Sonardyne gyro USBL, the C-Worker 6 ASV was used to assist in the installation of a 38 compatt array by collecting 11 Box Ins and all the baselines from the surface at a water depth of approximately 6000ft (1830m).

The application of this new technology resulted in significant savings by reducing surface support vessel time and increasing program efficiency.

Thomas Chance, Chairman of ASV remarked that “The industry is ready for this new approach, and sees our ability to support and streamline their operations as a significant benefit going forward.”

ASV is a leading provider of unmanned vessels with more than 70 ASV platforms in the field globally and a wide variety of associated payloads. ASV’s staff of 65 personnel designs, builds, and operates a range of ASV platforms for industrial, scientific, and military applications worldwide.  For more information, go to

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