An Automated Future – Societal Acceptance of Robotic Technology

Tuesday February 27th, 2018 TAGS: , ,

Technology has become an everyday part of our lives with Automated systems taking over more and more dull and sometimes dangerous tasks from humans. Automated systems are everywhere we look from traffic lights, to cash machines and even household appliances like programmable coffee makers. They’ve now expanded from the simple tasks to be used across air, land and sea for more troublesome tasks even as far as being utilised for medical procedures. Now, they’re expanding into the more dangerous areas such as mine countermeasures, search and rescue and operating in hazardous environments for the oil & gas industry.

Adoption of autonomous systems into the marine industry has been happening for some time with marine targets being utilised for weapons testing and naval gunnery training, commercial work-class vessels used for offshore construction support to the oil & gas industry and smaller vehicles utilised for inshore surveys. It seems that a few key factors are increasing their acceptance within industry, populating our sea with more autonomous systems than ever before.

However, societal acceptance is still a hurdle that remains a challenge for the industry, particularly with media perception often showcasing the dangerous, but not the revolutionary. ASV Global’s Year of Autonomy event at the National Oceanography Centre on the 1st March 2018 will explore the factors affecting societal acceptance. Presentations from key industry representatives and discussion panels will identify their main factors. Stay tuned to our blog where we’ll be drawing upon each of these factors in turn based upon expert knowledge and industry case studies.

For further information about the Year of Autonomy series of events, visit the website here.

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